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Treating Cancer Takes a Multidisciplinary Approach Medical Oncology &
Radiation Oncology
  Southland Oncology has experts in both medical and radiation oncology that develop the most optimal treatment plan for every patient. The Medical Oncologist will evaluate your condition and diagnosis and begin to explore which treatments will be most effective for the type and stage of cancer.
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The Radiation Oncologists works with other doctors and their clinical staff to develop a treatment plan using sophisticated dose calculations that contour the shape and intensity of the radiation beam precisely to the targeted area.
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The highly experienced Medical Oncologist of Affiliated Oncologists, LLC will evaluate your diagnosis and begin to explore options and treatments that will be most effective for your cancer.
Medical Oncology - Cancer Diagnosis

Our medical oncologists specialize in the treatment of many cancers, including solid tumors such as colon, breast, as well as hema- tologic malignancies such as lymphoma and leukemia. We can asses your diagnosis quickly and devise an effective plan. (more info)
  Southland Oncology will soon offer radiation oncology at our facility.  By working with highly regarded and community-established board-certified radiation oncologists, patients have immediate access to comprehensive treatments and the most care-oriented team of clinical staff. Radiation can be used in conjunction with medical treatment. (more info)  
Radiotherapy - Treatment Planning for Cancer   Radiation Oncologists use a wide variety of technologies in order to develop the most effective and  unique treatment plan for every patient.
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